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Top of the Rock

2022-05-20 Breakfast in the hotel, then a stop for a fried pie in Conway - oreo cookie cheesecake was perfect for me, and they reminded me of Granny Great's apple pies she used to make and fill a shoebox with, when we went on trips! Flaky crust, cooked perfectly and so good! Then on to Branson.

We arrived at College of the Ozarks at noon for lunch, and shopped in their gift shop, looking at all the handmade goodies, soaps, perfumes, jellies, and other items, then on to the quilts, where I found several I fell in love with. The prices were reasonable - not cheap, but considering they were hand sewn quilts, very reasonable, ranging from $300 to $2000 or more (a 1925 one that had been lovingly refurbished). These quilts were donated by people in estate sales (and from family) as contributions to the tuition of students at College of the Ozarks, where students do not pay any tuition - they work off their tuition at the college, where there is a dairy, a restaurant, and many other ways to earn money and pay for college - so VERY impressed by them!

After that, we went to Top of the Rock, where we rented golf carts and spent 2.5 miles of trail looking at waterfalls, gorges, caves, and other nature sites - what fun! I loved this and to this point, it has been my favorite thing! I am putting together a movie of these sites and will post it later tonight.

On to Dicks 5 and 10 cent store, where everything old you can remember at a store can be found - from candy cigarettes, to film wheels that you click, to old games, old drinks, old much and so crowded! Payton spent most of her money here but she is happy with her purchases! Hannah got a clear straw that looks like sunglasses and when she drinks, it goes all through many feet of tubing to get to her mouth (picture follows!) then supper at Local Flavor - a super good restaurant that has the best onion rings you have ever tasted!

Finally, we went to the Sight and Sound Theater to see the play Jesus! So impressed - what acting - what a production! It was worth the whole two hours we spent, and so moving. Several times I found myself tearing up - don't miss this if you are in Branson and have a chance to see it.

Now we are back at the hotel. We have a whole day, 11 hours, of driving tomorrow but we will be in the Badlands tomorrow night when we stop. Prayers for a safe driving day tomorrow!

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