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Off to London

2022-06-08 Our day started early this morning, with Kelly driving us to the airport in New Orleans. Maggie came with us, so she had her first big car trip and rode so well. It was hard saying goodbye to my babies for so long too!

First leg, New Orleans to Denver. It was a short 3-hour flight, uneventful, and I slept most of the trip :-) surprise what's new there though LOL. We had a 1 hour layover in Denver, and boarded the flight to London Heathrow at 5:00. We are 6 hours ahead of central time in London so we went ahead and set our clocks forward.

Not much else to say for today. I've got a list of movies marked as favorites and I'm about to settle back in the plane seat and watch movies for 9 hours :-) that's if I don't sleep some more of course. We are to arrive in London at 9:40 am their time. There'll be much more interesting stuff to tell starting tomorrow I'm sure!

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