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Jackson WY Town Square and Shopping

Updated: May 28, 2022

2022-05-27 After a rousing game of Uno last night, we woke up this morning MUCH too early, and decided to play again this morning - such fun! In general, we were just being lazy, after a week of being on the road and sight-seeing daily. Finally, about noon, we headed into town and ate at Bubba's BBQ. It was a really good restaurant and everyone liked what they ordered.

Then we went to REI's to look at some outdoor things, and some shoes and shirts. Prices were a little high for us, although everything was really cute, so we headed into Jackson Square. At each corner of the park, in the middle of town, are elk antlers made into an archway, and this was an iconic shot of Jackson that we had to get. Also in the park was a statue that had the symbol of Wyoming at the top - the cowboy on a bucking horse. Speaking of cowboy, I had to laugh at the Yellowstone t-shirts, and the references to John Dutton and Rip. I took a picture of my favorite shirt, but I wasn't paying almost $30 - I didn't want it that badly haha!

We also shopped in many of the stores, looking for souvenirs, trinkets, and anything else we could buy to bring home :-) Most exciting, we found a "5 and 10 cent" store, and a candy store that had all kinds of old fashioned candies - some I haven't seen in years! And Kevin found a knife store, where he found the perfect filet knife that was handcrafted and of top-notch workmanship. And of course, Payton got to go into LuluLemon, which was the highlight of her trip lol!

After we left the square, we wanted to take one last look at the Tetons, because tomorrow, we are headed home a different way, through Denver. So we headed out of town to the Tetons one more time, and wouldn't you know it, we saw a moose out in the field on the side of the road, and a herd of elk a little further down, so of course, one last stop for pictures! then a quick supper and back to the condo, where we played another Uno game. But this was not your typical game! This one lasted over two hours - every time someone had Uno, they couldn't go out, and we played and played until the girls finally were begging to quit and go to bed, and finally, Micki Jo took the hand and we stopped! We were crazy laughing and couldn't even be serious at the end, it was so much fun!

Out and back on the road tomorrow - coming home! It has been a wonderful week, and I can't wait to do it again. More coming tomorrow, as we head through Denver and on to Route 66 to come home!

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