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Cruising Day 9... Sea Day

2022-06-18 We moved our clocks back an hour to get back to London time last night, and I did take advantage of that extra hour to sleep :-) I got up at 8:00 and we went to eat breakfast today. We got to eat breakfast with Megan our table mate from supper every night, and we just sat there and talked for a long time. When we finally left the table, it was to head to shore excursions. Megan and Kay both needed to talk to short excursions desk about an issue, and I needed to talk to guest services about my on board credit refunds. I was very pleased upon leaving guest services to leave with all of my credits, both refundable and non-refundable, as cash. I don't know why they did it and I didn't ask questions. I was just thankful! I got back $230 credit and then another $150 for something else, so that helped with the expenses of this trip! Then we went to the casino, where they usually give us $25 spending money in the casino, as a diamond guest. Usually they put it as a credit that we have to use in the casino. Not this time! They gave us cash! So I never had to put a penny in the casino, even to spend my $25 that they gave me. This tickled my soul that I got that cash back. Kay did too. We killed some more time that morning and went to lunch, then sat and visited with Megan for several hours this afternoon before going back to the room for a few hours. Then it was time for dinner tonight.

Just to tell you how bored I was for a little while this morning, you will see a compilation, a collage, of me playing with Snapchat filters on Snapchat! Yes it's just me being silly, but I stuck it in there to show you lol. Kay and I also did a lot of selfies and pictures around the ship and you get to look at those too lol.

I told you my time today would be boring and it probably was but it was nice. I enjoyed the quiet time, the time with no schedule, the time with nothing to do and nowhere to be just because that's what I wanted! Our next door neighbor brought me four books over so that she wouldn't have to pack them so I have books to read for the next cruise. Megan had a free bottle of wine from the casino, And she opened it at dinner tonight for her and Kay, and she gave what was left to Kay to bring back to the cabin. Someone else was giving away a brand new bottle of hand lotion, very expensive, nice hand lotion, and Kay went and got it from their room to give to Kezzia, one of the hostesses at dinner who is so very sweet.

After dinner I ran up to cherry on top to finish spending my $3.95 credit that I had left. I had to get some confetti cookies. Micki Jo got me started on these when she bought me some for Valentine's Day when I was on the ship a few years ago. They are so good! So I got a little jar of cookies to finish off my on board credit. So now it's 8:30, and we're in for the night :-) The great thing is that we don't have to pack and we don't have to do anything but be downstairs at 7:30 to pick up our new Sail and sign card for the next cruise.

Tomorrow will probably be another lazy day, except that tomorrow is Logan's birthday! I will definitely be calling that sweet boy to tell him happy birthday and that I love him and miss him. If you're reading this, don't forget to tell him also. Let's flood him with great birthday wishes tomorrow :-)

So on to the Baltic leg of our cruise. This leg is going to have to work very hard to be as great as Norway was. My expectations are high, and I don't expect it will happen, to be negative. I hate to be that way but it just couldn't possibly be better than Norway!

Have a good night and I will be writing you again tomorrow.

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