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Cruise Day 6 - Molde

2022-06-15 Up and at breakfast at 7 am. Why do we get up so early?! We finished about 7:30 and then we had time to kill before our excursion at 11:30. Today's excursion - Atlantic Ocean Road, which was to be four hours.

We started the tour about 12:15. First stop was to the top of this lookout area, where we could see a panorama of the mountains, the water below us, and all of the areas surrounding it. It had started raining and my camera got a few raindrops on it. You can see them in the beautiful mountains that I took, that happened to have one drop of dark right in a perfect spot! When I get home I will touch up and edit that but I can't do that here so you get to see the raindrop on my picture! It was so beautiful, and I took lots of pictures of snow capped mountains, the ship below us, and all of the water. It was a high point of the island and apparently a place where everyone goes to exercise. She was very proud of the fact that all of the work done was volunteer work.

Back on the bus after 15 minutes, and the next stop was about 45 minutes down the road, at a little fishing village. There was a lot of steps to get to the top from where we parked and I did not do the steps. I did take lots of pictures of seagulls, and I don't know why I got so interested in them but I took a lot of pictures :-) You only see a few of the ones I took. There were babies in nests, some flying, some nesting, and lots of bird poop! Back on the bus after 10 or 15 minutes and then we headed down the Atlantic Ocean Road, which is a road that connects all of the little islands.

As we drive down the road, I saw houses with sod roofs, lots of water and little islands, and then we saw the James Bond bridge, featured in the movie No Time to Die. That was interesting! Then we stopped at a little rest area that had a restaurant and restrooms, and Kay got an ice cream cone. I didn't, but I have to admit I was getting hungry by that point as it was late in the afternoon. We had not had lunch.

Back on the bus and it was time to go home. We went through a tunnel that was about 5 to 8 minutes long, carved out from the inside of a huge mountain, probably the longest one I've ever gone through under a mountain. At this point, some people in the front had mentioned that they were hot, so in the tour guide turn the bus AC down, and we froze the rest of the way back! I was never so glad to see the ship as I was this afternoon. Back on board was 4:30, and once again we were the last ones on the ship at 4:45 or 4:50. I'm so glad we were on our carnival tour, so they held the ship for us. I've never been late getting back and this is twice now for me! The tour guide didn't seem worried, just took her time lol. Within minutes of us getting back, the ship was moving and we were at sea.

Tomorrow is Olden. We have another excursion planned, so more pictures coming tomorrow.

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