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Cruise Day 5 - Alesund

2022-06-14 Up at 7:00 a.m., and at breakfast by 7:30. We had so many plans for today! We didn't have an excursion planned but we were going to walk around the town and look at everything. After breakfast, we came back to the room for a few minutes then left when the room steward came in, and we went to sit in the lobby atrium. When we looked outside it was raining, you know that kind of drizzly, nasty, 'cold to the bone', kind of rain. So we decided to sit for a little while until it stopped.

It didn't stop. We came back to the room to wait and I'm either ashamed, or not ashamed, not sure which, to say that I slept most of the day. Kay was on her Kindle and reading, and up and down, but not me. I pretty much was in one spot all day. When it finally did stop drizzling and raining, it was almost time to get back on the ship. I hate that, but where we were parked was an industrial area, and there didn't look like it was too much anywhere around. I do have some pictures below, but if they weren't taken from the ship, I stole them off of other people's posts in our Facebook group :-) I'm telling you flat out right now, with no shame, that most of the pictures of the town are not mine. But I know you wanted to see what Alesund looked like, so I'm posting these pictures for you. Tomorrow, in Molde, we have an excursion, The Atlantic Ocean Road, which looks very interesting and I will definitely have for-real, 'my' pictures on those :-)

Look for more excitement tomorrow!

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