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Cruise Day 4 - Skjolden Norway

We entered the fjord to go to Skjolden at 12:30 am. and some of these were taken then, when we entered the fjord. Others were taken about 4 am - these are the dark ones, and the dark blue ones. I thought it would be a day like Tracy Arm in Alaska, but it wasn't. It took about 6 hours to get to Skjolden, and when we awoke at 8 am, we had been docked there since about 7:30 am. We woke up to sheep right outside our balcony, so close we could almost touch them!

Skjolden is a very pastoral little town, full of old buildings from the 1000's and a very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. We stayed there until about 4 pm and then left, so we are getting to see the fjord on the way out and it is incredible. What has surprised us is that, unlike Alaska, there are houses all along the shore, all the way in. Snow is on the mountains, but in Skjolden, it was a nice (cool) temperature in the 50s or so. It was clear most of the day with no rain, which is unusual!

Not much to say - we didn't have a tour - Kay went for a walk to the waterfall, and it wiped her out - she said she got 20,000 steps lol! I am just busy taking pictures and soaking up the beauty around me, and loving it!

Again, all pictures are with my Sony A6000 with 55-210 lens, or my Google Pixel 6 Pro. If you see a picture you like, be sure to click on it and open it - there may be more picture than the preview shows. I have reduced all images to 25% of original for easy upload.

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