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Coming Home... Day 1

2022-05-28 We left Jackson this morning after breakfast about 10:00 or 10:30, heading home. We're coming home a different way that should be a little bit shorter, through Denver and Amarillo. So we're seeing a new part of the countryside. We left Jackson in pouring down rain, and it's expected to rain all weekend in Jackson Hole 100% chance. I feel bad for the people who planned a Memorial Day weekend in that beautiful setting, but we couldn't have planned a better time to have come as the weather was so beautiful all of the days we wanted to do something that it depended on good weather.

It rained for the first few hours as we left but we finally got out of it and had good driving for the rest of the day. The day was boring and there wasn't a lot to tell except for a stop at Walmart midday and lunch at Taco Bell, then more driving until supper at Chick-fil-A and a stop at 11:30 to spend the night in a hotel in New Mexico. The girls are traveling amazingly well, and again, I have to give credit to their parents for raising them to appreciate and mind!

But the scenery was amazing the whole day, and I couldn't stop taking pictures! These are not the best quality, as they are taken with my camera phone through a close window most of the time, but they do at least convey the beautiful things that we saw. We weren't prepared, as we entered Colorado, to see the beautiful Rockies to our right, and then have them follow us most of the way south of Denver and Colorado Springs. We kept saying to each other did you see that, or take a picture! Poor Payton leaned back or ducked so many times so that I could get a picture out of her window lol.

Here are the ones that I have to show you for today. More fun things tomorrow!

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