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Baltic Cruise Day 8... Visby

2022-06-26 Today we were in Visby Sweden, our second stop in Sweden. Visby is a beautiful town located on the water, filled with old houses, castles, and the old city inside a stone wall. Several hundred years ago, it was overpopulated and they started building upscale houses to try to move the poor people out so they couldn't afford it. Needless to say it's a very upscale place now, and it's very beautiful, if not expensive!

Kay did a tour with Carnival and they had an hour and a half of touring and 2 hours on their own. For the 2 hours on her own she wanted to find a grocery store to buy a few things. After she found her grocery store and got ready to go back to the bus at the meetup time, she was very turned around and lost. She walked and walked and walked for quite a while, and finally found several people from the tour bus and from the ship that were at a taxi stand, that were going to take a taxi back. She took the taxi with them for 30 euros and got back to the ship, but not on the tour bus! When I saw her, her face was red and she looked a little worse for wear, but she handled it like a champ and found her way back, even beating the tour bus back to the ship!

When she got back in the ship, and we were talking, I told her how to put a pin on a place and then find it again on Google. This will help her next time so she doesn't get lost and she knows where she's headed back to.

Last night she found out at her husband Mike was admitted to ICU on the coast. Keep Mike in your prayers for his health, and thank you Shelley, for being the dependable daughter who's got things under control. Kay appreciates you more than you could possibly know, and we are coming home soon!

Tomorrow is Berlin. I had really hoped and wanted to take a tour into Berlin, but it's 3 hours into Berlin and 3 hours back, and it's 90° plus outside. The general consensus for all four of us, me, Kay, Chuck and Vivian, is that we're going to hang around this little port town on the water, see what's going on in town and walk around and souvenier shop. Have pretty much all the gifts I want except for some of the girls in the family, which I will be looking for tomorrow.

I also plan to have a nice chat with Regions bank tomorrow. They blocked my account, thinking that it was fraudulent purchases, because I can't reply to a text message that they sent. They have no provisions for email or anything else except text messaging and phone calls, which I can't do on the ship. And to unblock I have to call them physically, which is interesting while I'm in Europe 7 hours ahead, which means I can't even start a phone call until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon which is 8:00 a.m. their time. The ship has been leaving at 3:30 from all of our ports so that makes for an interesting 30 minutes. Tomorrow we'll be in port until 11:00 at night, so that should give me time to accomplish letting them know what I think about this, that's had me tied up all weekend! I appreciate them checking my account for fraud, honestly I do. That's not what I'm upset about. I'm upset because I tried to talk to them about this Saturday, via message on the app, and the people that I talked to did not give a flying flip about anything that I said, my situation, anything. They did not help me, only said that I had to call. I couldn't call. We were at a standstill but I'm going to deal with it tomorrow!

Okay have a good rest of the night and I will be in Berlin tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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26 de jun. de 2022

Love the pictures! Get on the 3 hr tour! You may never get to again!

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