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Baltic Cruise Day 3... Sea Day

2022-06-21 last night we had to move our clocks forward 1 hour, so we are again 7 hours time difference from Central Time. I stayed up till about midnight or 12:15 and moved my clock to 1:15 and then went to bed. I slept until about 9:30 this morning, when we got up and went for a quick breakfast bite, cereal for me and grits for Kay, so that we could go to the Fun Ashore talk and hopefully win a short excursion. Well of course I didn't happen! Kay got up and left about 11:00 and went to a swing dance class, and when it was over she came back. We then went to sit down sea day brunch and ate lunch, then headed back to the room.

Kay sat on the balcony some, and I sat on my couch in the room, reading. I had an awesome book that I started and about 4 pages into it, realized it was book two of a trilogy. So I went to Amazon and downloaded the first one and read it on my phone on Kindle app. I just finished it and I'm about to start book two, the hard copy book that I have in the room.

Tonight was elegant night. We met Chuck and Vivian for dinner at 6:00 and had a good supper, after sitting on the couches near the alchemy bar and listening to the music, which was really good. This ship is playing some very nice music, lots of mellow easy listening '70s and '80s kind of stuff. And they're really good, and we are enjoying it. We have our same servers that we had on the first leg and it's good to have someone who knows my eating habits and knows what I want for dinner :-) We like Edwin and his team, they're really nice.

After dinner, Kay went back to the room to sit on her balcony, and I went to the show 88 Keys, which is a piano music type show featuring lots of great piano music. The show was very good, and we enjoyed the music that they played and getting to sing along to lots of it.

Other than that it was a boring day. I'm sorry there's not a lot of great things to say about today, just restful and relaxing. I'm sending lots of sunset pictures so that you can see how beautiful the sunset is being. We're just glad to get a sunset, because in Norway the sun didn't set lol. Right now it's 10:38 p.m. and while the sun has technically set, it's still bright enough outside to see, and you can still see a tinge of red right at the horizon.

Tomorrow is Kay's birthday! Be sure and send her a comment down below, or post to her Facebook page. She's not on Facebook right now and won't see it, but she'll see it when she gets home :-) or you can send a message to me on Facebook Messenger and I'll be sure to show it to her.

Another day at sea tomorrow, but then we are in Stockholm on Thursday. Good night!

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