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Baltic Cruise Day 10...Kiel (Hamburg)

2022-06-28 Today we were in Kiel, which is on the outskirts of Hamburg. We didn't have any excursion planned, but we definitely wanted to go into town. So Chuck, Vivian, Kay and I set off to find a grocery store. We were told at the terminal to follow the blue line. Sounds easy enough right :-) That's what we did, and there was literally a blue line painted down the sidewalk and on the road, all the way to the grocery store! This was 270 m away. We eventually found our grocery store! Along the way we saw the sights of the town, and did a lot of walking! There was a park where they seem to be getting ready for some festival this weekend, lots of food places, lots of pretty flowers, and lots of people! I have pictures of bakery stands, burger joints, sidewalk cafes, and even a TJ Maxx and Woolworth!

On the way back we found what we thought was a shorter way. It might have been but we now know why the blue line didn't go that way. We passed several 'adult' stores, and I'm pretty sure that we found some of the seamier side of town lol! Town was nice, and there were a lot of old buildings and churches there, in addition to some newer stores. We seem to have gone through some kind of downtown shopping mall or shopping area following the blue line!

When we got to the grocery store, my goal was simple. When Katinka used to live with us, from Germany, she always brought Kinderchocolate to Kelly and Kevin. Everyone loved Kinderchocolate! There were all kinds, and also the Ritter candy bars. So that's what I was looking for. I also thought I might pick up a bag of potato chips or something for me. In 21 days with no junk food (except the chips that Kay bought me in Stockholm), I was having some serious withdrawals. So I found tons and tons of kinder chocolate, Ritter sports bars, and a few cans of Pringles.

I was the first one to finish, and I went outside to wait for Chuck and Vivian. Kay was scoping out a shorter path back, and I snapchatted back home to show them what I bought. Kelly immediately snapped me back to remind me about marzipan, so of course I had to run back in the store to buy some of that! On the way back, the bag was extremely heavy :-) We passed a Woolworth and I ducked in to buy a small rolling suitcase to use for a check-in bag. I had a backpack but with my laptop and several other electronics it was pretty heavy, so this was the perfect opportunity to put my groceries in the suitcase and roll it back to the ship. It was a long walk back but we made it!

One more stop, Copenhagen tomorrow, and we're going to have a sea day and then I'm coming home. It's been so much fun, but 21 days is a long time, and I've got several two-legged and four-legged babies who miss me.

Mike is doing okay right now. Shelley says he has to have a heart cath tomorrow, but he is in good spirits. Please keep him in your prayers tomorrow that he gets a good report from the doctor. The days are counting down and soon this trip of a lifetime will be over. Talk to you tomorrow.

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