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Baltic Cruise Day 1... Dover (Logan's Birthday!)

2022-06-19 Got up early this morning and went to breakfast, then went downstairs to get our new cards for this cruise. There were so many people! The only time I've ever seen this many people on a back-to-back was in 2016 on the Dream. We came back to our room for a little while but then we decided we better do muster drill before everyone got there. Whoops too late! When we got down there people had already started getting on the ship! But of all the luck, we happened to bump into Chuck and Vivian who we would have been looking for later that morning anyway. So we went with them up to Lido Deck to sit and visit and eat lunch, and we visited till about 2:00, when we came back to the room.

I took lots of pictures of the white cliffs of Dover, since there wasn't a fog this time like there was last time. There's a castle up on the hill and I got some pictures of that, then we came back to the room about 2:30 and killed time for the rest of the afternoon. They sent us a fruit basket and a bottle of champagne for doing the back-to-back, and Kay is eating the fruit. I'll probably eat an apple off of it but there are grapes, pears, and several colored apples.

Tomorrow is Amsterdam, and we have a canal cruise planned in Amsterdam. We can't find a lot of things that we want to do that are affordable on this cruise. The one I really truly want to do is Berlin, the wall, but I'm not paying $350 to see that. It's a piece of history that I would love to see but not at that price. I guess not only have I heard about it all my life, and the idea of families being separated just by where they happen to be at one particular point in one particular day of their life is amazing / scary / uncanny, but then in 1989 Scorpions sang the song 'The Winds of Change' which I loved about the wall coming down ( ) And I can still see President Reagan saying 'Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall!' But I just can't spend $350 for that piece of history! So I'm not sure what we will be doing the rest of the excursions. Most of them are like Alaska, $250 or more per excursion so we may just do some walking around stuff. But that's several days away and tomorrow is Amsterdam, and we are doing something there!

Let me close by saying happy Father's Day to the fathers in my life, both here and gone. I enclosed a collage of pictures of daddy on cruises with me before he passed away. They made me smile, so I wanted to include them here.

A very very happy birthday to Logan, with number 22 today! 22 years old, wow! Enjoy it sweetie while you're 22. One day someone's going to be wishing you a happy 64, and you'll be shocked the time passed so fast, I promise!! :-) I love you!! Pictures of my boy are here too!

Thank you for reading this far, and look for pictures of Amsterdam tomorrow.

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