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The Bunnery, Riding the Loop, Jenny Lake....and SNOW!

Updated: May 28, 2022

2022-05-24 We said we were going to sleep a little later today and relax a little more, but wouldn't you know, we were up at the crack of dawn, practically! There was a deer outside our deck, so we got pictures of it, then up and out by 7:30, looking for breakfast, and we found the Bunnery. Awesome silver dollar pancakes for me (hashbrowns were meh....) and everything the rest of the group got, they liked. Then we hit the loop.

Heading out of Jackson, we found the old barns first and got several amazing pictures. We actually took some of the exact shots we had seen online in various places, and the weather was perfect (after the initial cold spell, when the sun came out). Then we just rode the loop toward Jenny Lake, stopping at various fields, pull-offs, and other places, wildlife hunting. As we were at our second pull over, we could see what looked like dark clouds rolling in over the mountain, and by the time we made the turn into the Grand Teton National Forest, it was snowing/hailing (depending on who in our group you talked to haha!) It didn't last long but it got SO COLD! We stopped at Oxbow Bend Lake and saw ducks and an otter, then made the turn to Jenny Lake, the MAIN thing we wanted to see was not to be! Well, we saw the lake, but rain was coming down, clouds and dark skies hid the mountains behind it, and it wasn't the view we wanted, so we decided to come back when the weather was clearer.

Coming back out of the loop on the other side, we went back to Jackson to eat lunch, and right before we got to town, Micki Jo slammed on brakes and jumped out of the car - we didn't know what was going on - it was raining and cold, but there was a fox in the middle of the road! So of course we got pictures :-) Then on in to Jackson for lunch at the Merry Piglet, a Mexican Restaurant that everyone enjoyed. Then we rode the square, looking at everything, and stopped to get ice cream.

The whole time we were in Jackson, the weather was beautiful again, so we decided to head back out to Jenny Lake. Four or five miles out of town, and it was raining again, so we turned around and came back to the cabin for a lazy afternoon and night. Wouldn't you know, there was more wildlife behind the house - herds of elk just grazing in the land behind us! So more pictures, and an early night. Of course, I had to watch the finale of THIS IS US, and cry a little, so glad I was somewhere settled in, so I could. Tomorrow is Yellowstone!! I'll let you know if I see Rip Wheeler there - I will be looking haha!

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