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Floating the Snake River

Updated: May 28, 2022

2022-05-26 Up and out this morning by 8:30, for a scenic Snake River float at 9:30! I loved this, and I think it was one of my top two favorite things we have done so far. The sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and while it was a little bit chilly early on, by the time we were into the float good, we were very comfortable. The guide, Bernie, said it was the warmest day so far this spring, and starting tomorrow, rain is coming, so our timing was perfect!

Speaking of guides, Bernie was amazing! Originally from Kentucky, he had been here in Jackson for many years, and he considers the area home now. He REALLY knew his information, and was not only informative on wildlife, but he was an expert on birds and identified many of them in the area as we passed them. He kept it interesting, talking to our family and also to another couple that was with us in the big, inflatable boat/raft we were on. We asked if he had ever taken anyone famous, and he named an impressive list of people- but perhaps the one that impressed me most was Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue lol! Also Ed Harris and Amy Madigan, the prince and princess of Luxemburg, the head of the CIA (that was an interesting antidote!), several governors, and other public officials. We thought that was neat too!

After we left the 2 hour float, we headed to eat lunch at a pizza place that was really good, then headed to Jenny Lake to get those pictures we missed out on the first time we went. You will see lots of those here - what a beautiful place! Then, while in the park, we passed an elk lying down on the forest floor, and saw other wildlife. The BIG grab today was the moose! That was the last item on our animal bucket list, and not only did we get a picture at the flats by the river (after the float was over), but then we were just driving down the highway and saw many cars on the road - it was another moose! So it was a fruitful day for us in that respect.

When we got to town, we went for ice cream (get used to that, if you are with Kevin!) and then on to see Top Gun Maverick the first day it was playing at the movies - WONDERFUL movie - so many times a sequel is not good, but this one did NOT disappoint! We all agreed we loved it!

We finished the night with supper at Gun Barrel, a steak house with wild game. Kevin says it was 'bad to the bone' and everyone agrees! Back to the condo for an early night of playing UNO tonight!

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