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Driving.... And Driving.... And Driving!

2022-05-21 we left Branson at 8 am in really wet weather, and I was afraid that we would be riding in that all day long but fortunately we didn't. We had to be at our hotel in South Dakota by 9:00 p.m. We made it at 8:45 so we did well! Well I'm not going to say we, but Micki Jo. Bless her heart, except for a few hours when Kevin gave her a break, she drove the whole way! But she did it. The girls were so good, riding in the car almost 13 hours. We stopped several times to take potty breaks and get gas, then we stopped at McDonald's somewhere along the way for lunch, and that was it.

There was a while there that we were running up along a state line and within the space of just a couple of hours went through about four states. We snapped signs welcoming us to their state when we could, but we missed a few. All together today we have been to Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska, I think? And Thursday, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. As well traveled as I like to think I am, I have never been to a single state that I have been through today, and it's exciting to add those to my list of places I've been. We passed wind farms, a beautiful large lake that looked like it was directly in the way of our road, because you can see so far in the distance but the road turned before we got to it. We passed what we think were mule deer all along the side of the road, and I'm sure there was other wildlife that we didn't see.

Tomorrow is the Badlands and the wind caves and I'm not sure what else. This is one vacation that I'm content to just be a passenger and enjoy myself. I'm taking each day at a time and letting my family tell me where I'm supposed to be and what time I should be up and out of the hotel room every day :-) it's so nice to have a vacation that I didn't have to meticulously plan everything myself, and I'm enjoying that also, in addition to the girls and how sweet they are :-) look for a lot of good stuff coming tomorrow after our trip to the Badlands!

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