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Devil's Tower, the Car (Again!) and SNOW....!

Updated: May 28, 2022

2022-05-23 We were once again up and out early, for the last of our travels for a few days....we finally have a home base for a few days. We left at 6 am, headed to Devil's Tower, about an hour away from where we stayed last night. How impressive! The legend of Devil's Tower is in one of the pictures I posted below. From far away, it was huge - up close, even bigger! And it was COLD! We were content with pictures (lots of them) from the car and standing outside for a few minutes, but we still were glad we saw it.

Then on the road, driving all day until we got to Jackson this afternoon. There were long stretches gas stations, no fast food, no people, no cars! I guess that is what makes this area so popular, but I don't think I would survive. We were in Cheyenne about 10:30, too early to eat lunch, so we got gas (fortunately) and went on down the road (and went, and went, and went....). Finally about 1:30 we found a little Sinclair store, and Kevin and MJ bought bologna and cheese. We had bread and a few other things, and we made lunch and ate in the car lol! I don't think we passed a place to eat until several hours later.

As we got closer to Jackson, (still a few hours away), we realized that we were surrounded on almost all sides by the mountains - so lovely! We stopped and took pictures, went around a curve and it was even prettier, so we took pictures again, and then in the next curve, we were even more in awe. This went on all afternoon. Between that and spotting wildlife to stop and take pictures of, we almost never made it to Jackson!

AND snowed. I mean, suddenly - first the sky was blue, and I remember saying something about fog coming in, and within a minute, Micki Jo and Kevin said it wasn't fog, it was SNOW!! And it came down HARD! We pulled over on the side of the road and the girls played in it for a while, then we were back on the snowy road. But it only lasted a little while - just really 5-10 minutes, and we drove right out of it. But to us Southwest Mississippi people, this was impressive!

We finally made it to Teton Village, where we rode the tram to the top of the ski mountain, and then, because it was SO COLD, quickly rode it back down again! We had reservations at the Mangy Moose, but when we got there, they told us that they had to cancel them because of an event they had. This was frustrating, but turned out good for us, because we found Calico's - some of the best food you have EVER eaten in your life! We absolutely loved that place! It is only about a mile from our condo.

After settling in to the condo, we stepped out on the back deck and we saw elk, mule deer, a whooping crane, ducks, and two white foxes. All of this in just an hour or two, close to sundown. We love this place!!

Tomorrow we will finally get to sleep in a little more, but we still have a busy and full day - more to come tomorrow. (be sure, if you see a picture you like, to click on it - many of these are panorama - long, narrow and wide and you can't see all of that in the picture preview)

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