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Coming Home... We are Here!!

2022-05-30 we are home! We got home about 6:00 p.m.!

We got up early this morning in Terrell Texas and went straight to Walmart to get the tires. The tread was still so good on them, but we can only attribute it to putting 4,000 miles in a short period of time through extremes of 30° to 105. After we left Walmart, we got some breakfast, and we were on the road by 10:45. It was an uneventful day filled with just riding, although we stopped at Johnny's, a pizza place in Rayville Louisiana for a mid afternoon lunch, and we all agreed it was very good, some of the best pizza we've had.

When we drove up in my driveway, Kelly was here and had Frank and Rose outside waiting on me. I have to say that I felt the love! Rose was so happy to see me she was straining at the leash to get to me, as was Frank :-) she also brought Maggie over and Rose was so jealous every time Maggie tried to get near me, she squeezed in between us and wouldn't let any other dog near me, even Frank! So I had to make sure to spend some special time with Frank tonight too, but even at this point, Rose is on the couch beside me and not moving. It makes me feel good that she loves me that much but it breaks my heart that I caused her such stress when I leave.

I want to say again how proud I am of the girls for the way they acted. I don't know very many families who can have a 13-year-old and an almost 8 year old ride in a car for 10 days through 4,000 miles or more and rarely hear a peep out of them. They get along good, they love each other, and they mind their parents. I'm so proud of both of them, and Kevin and Micki Jo for the way that they raise them! I'm always happy to travel with them and enjoy the time I spend with them so much.

Anyway, I'm home, and ready to settle down for at least 10 days or so lol. Probably the next major blog I will be doing is when we leave for Norway on June 10th. Thank you for following along on our Tetons adventure!

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