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Baltic Cruise Day 5 - Stockholm

2022-06-23 We woke up this morning and piddled around a little bit. It was too late to go to sit down breakfast since it was a port day, so we went upstairs and ate on Lido. We're in Stockholm today but we had not planned on an excursion. The idea was just to get off and walk around a little bit. As we pulled up, it seemed like a long way in to land. Turns out, this could have been a tender port, but they have a rolling dock that they were able to roll out to where we were so that we had firm dock to walk on into land. We fooled around a little bit, and Kay finally decided to walk in. I wasn't too keen on it cuz it still looked like a long way in. So the plan was for her to go in, and if she saw souvenirs at this big white tent we were looking at, she was going to wave to me so I would know. I was watching from the balcony with my long lens camera. Doesn't this sound very convoluted! I didn't see her on shore because I thought she was wearing her blue jacket but she wasn't. But then she found Wi-Fi and she called me. I told her I was going to come down in a little while and to go on. She found a dollar store and that wonderful, amazing friend of mine bought me two bags of potato chips! They weren't Lay's but at that point I was so hungry they were even better than Lay's! Actually I'm exaggerating because they really are good. Thin and crisp and a little bit of skin on them but they are very good. She also bought an antihistamine and decongestant for the little cold that I have. It was a nose spray and it was funny she was at the counter trying to explain to somebody what she wanted. A man with a small child pointed out what she wanted, and she got it on faith :-) when she got back I checked on the internet and yes it's perfectly, exactly what I wanted. I used it tonight and wow, I am actually breathing again :-)

When she got back to the dock area, she called me again, and I came out and we did a little shopping at the tourist stand and walked back. It was a nice hike but not bad. Certainly not as bad as what Kay had just done. She had to get across the road to the dollar store and she saw a path that some crew members were taking, so she followed them. The first 2/3 of it was about a 30 to 45° angle, but at the very end it must have gone up to about 80° angle. She said she was holding on to flowers and everything else trying to get up a hill and she looked up when a crew member stuck out his hand and offered to help her the rest of the way. She was extremely thankful for that and got over that last little hop to get to the dollar store. She said the dollar store was one of the biggest she's ever seen with groceries and everything else. At any rate, when she got back to the tourist stand, I came over, and we bought some touristy stuff for some of my family.

I've got a lot of pictures from the ship and from the shore, some really pretty water, trees etc. I didn't go into town, I'm not going to lie to you! So some of these pictures that look like downtown really are not mine. I liberally stole them from my Facebook page but I want to be honest and tell you they're not my pictures lol. But they're good pictures and I wanted to share them with you. This is Stockholm. If I were going to spend money I would have gone to the ABBA museum. It would have been nice, but all of the excursions now are in the $200 to $350 range and I'm just not spending that for an excursion! I do have a lead on a cheaper excursion possibly in Berlin that will let me see the wall, and Potsdammer Plaza which is the main thing I desperately want to do. There might be one seat left so I've sent a message to the lady who has it and I'm hoping that she'll answer me back quickly. Kay's going to do an excursion in the next few days that I'm not going to do, so we'll have some good pictures from both of those places hopefully.

I've also included some pictures of the bridge that I told you about that we crossed under the other night. Somebody on Facebook has told us what the bridge is and has the description. I did a screenshot of it and I have that picture in here too. So neat! I wish I'd known that when we were going under it.

You will also see pictures of several people with Kay tonight and a birthday surprise. Apparently they got busy last night and didn't or forgot to sing to her so tonight they sang to her and gave her a dessert, so that's what those pictures are. We met a woman who had a scooter chair that she stowed under the plane to come over. When she got there they had lost it. I'm so thankful I did not bring mine although I've wanted and needed it several times on some of these bigger excursions. But I think all in all I'm better off without it. I would have hated to have it lost, 12 days on a cruise with no clue where it is or what's going on. I feel bad for her and I feel sure they'll find it but she really needed it. There were such a mess on the airlines for those people coming over on the second cruise, including this big article in the BBC about the biggest pileup of luggage ever at Heathrow and so many people on our ship have no luggage or only pieces of luggage. One group had eight suitcases and only five of them turned up. One lady in that group had her medicine, but the suitcase with all of her extra needles, because she's a diabetic, had disappeared. She had checked those at the very last minute when they told her that was no room on the plane and she had to put them under, and they disappeared! Wow.

Tomorrow's another sea day, and then five port days in a row, bless our hearts! 5 days in a row is going to be tough. So I'll let you know what's going on day by day. I hope you're enjoying reading this. No one is commenting so I'm not sure! You've got to speak :-) okay let me go. Have a good night!

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Jun 25, 2022

I’m speaking…I’m reading and enjoying them! Haha!

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