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Baltic Cruise Day 4... Sea Day

2022-06-22 well we started the day off with Kay's birthday! I couldn't go to sleep until really late, about 3:00 a.m., but about 2:00 a.m. I was laying in bed reading and I looked out to see lights all over my balcony. Turns out we were going under some bridge. I still don't know what the bridge was, but we definitely went under it and we're very close to land on both sides. But yet I knew we had another whole sea day, so who knows!

We got up early and went to sit down breakfast, after I had checked to see if the breakfast potatoes I like were on the bar. They were! So I got a small plate of those and ate and then I went with Kay to the sit down breakfast because it was her birthday and she wanted salmon for breakfast. She got a very nice surprise when the waiters sang happy birthday to her!

After that we headed off for the day to do several things. I had a good book I was reading and I think she did too. By noon, we were sitting in the atrium lobby, And we had a really nice woman from San Jose California sit and talk to us for several hours, until it was time to go play Deal or No Deal.

I bought two tickets and so did Kay. Wouldn't you know it, we won both games or at least a small part of it anyway. Both of us got the $25 Bingo package on the first game and then we both got the $30 casino package on the second game, so we got our money back and now hopefully we can turn that money into some more money :-) if we don't oh well, we had fun playing and we stretched that money a long way lol.

After that I came back to the room because I had to do some grading. I had not graded yesterday and I didn't want to go any longer. Kay went down to the lobby with Chuck and Vivian and they played games in the atrium lobby while listening to the strings and violins, which were so beautiful. I went down closer to dinner, and we visited until dinner.

After dinner, Vivian and I went to the show Getaway Island, and Kay and Chuck went to their rooms. I love this particular show because it features a lot of Caribbean music and Jimmy Buffett music. It was very enjoyable, then I came back to the room because I have a good book waiting that I needed to finish :-)

Wasn't this an interesting day! Didn't you love reading about it and didn't it keep you on the edge of your seat constantly?! Yep! I think that's why I actually love sea days. I can do what I want, when I want, how I want, and be bored all I want without feeling like I have to apologize!

Tomorrow is Stockholm Sweden. Look for more interesting things and pictures tomorrow!

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